ON THE MOVE, 2010. (Blues Leaf)

“Dynamic is a guitar-lover's delight of an album, one that stayed in the CD player of the Toronto Blues Society Society for a week."


"Dangerous, the impressive Western debut of Russian singer-guitarist Arsen Shomakhov, marks a stylistic range that spans the ripping root-sock of “Too Hot” and “You’re the One”, superfly funk (“Troublemaker”), moody, late-night jazz (“Rainy Drive”), and blues, from the lazy, walking-bass shuffle “Let Me Be Your Romeo” to the Jimmy McCracklin-esque “Low Down Shakin’ Chill” to Freddie King’s slow “Use What You Got”."


"Now living in Vancouver, Arsen Shomakhov has enlisted a number of prominent local musicians to produce an album of earthy blues. His approach is not flashy guitar overkill but an economic restraint in which feel and tone count for more than dexterity."

- Tom Harrison, THE PROVINCE

DANGEROUS, 2006. (Blues Leaf)

​​RAIN CITY BLUES, 2019. (Independent)

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"His self-released Rain City Blues is a terrific showcase for the exactitude of his fiery electric guitar, 10 of his own compositions, and, most importantly, his expressive, soulful voice. Rock’n’roll, boogaloo, shuffles, R’n’B, ska, reggae and—best of all—a particularly virulent form of bad-ass jump-blues accosts the ear like a Russian nuclear bomb. And, in this case, that’s a good thing!"

- Mike Greenblatt, GOLDMINE The Music Collector's Magazine